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Pierce Engineers offers restoration services for structural, non-structural, and historic building elements along with waterproofing and sealant & coating protection of structures to private and public clients. PE serves industrial, manufacturing, commercial, and medical markets. We also specialize in all types of parking structures. Our services provide owners with performance-based, cost-effective repair and protection solutions for their specific structure’s issues and use criteria.

Pierce Engineers prides itself on staying current with the latest restoration techniques, material technologies, and industry codes by participating in continuing education. PE is a long-term active member of the International Concrete Restoration Institute (ICRI), the leader in developing concrete restoration industry standards.

Restoration Services


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Restoration of cast-in-place reinforced concrete foundations, framing systems & slab-on-grade, pre-stressed reinforced precast, and post-tensioned framing systems with the following issues or repair methods:

  • Moisture infiltration

  • Cracking due to corrosion, shrinkage, settlement, thermal

  • Delamination or spalling due to corrosion of embedded reinforcing steel

  • Surface damage due to wear or environmental exposure

  • Crack injection

  • Adhered fiber strengthening & stabilizing systems

  • Corrosion management


Masonry Choice #2.jpg

Restoration of historic or traditional mass/solid construction, modern or conventional cavity wall, rain-screen, veneer & stone cladding construction with the following issues or repair methods:

  • Moisture infiltration

  • Cracking due to corrosion, shrinkage, settlement, thermal

  • Brick deterioration & displacement

  • Terra Cotta repair & replacement

  • Facade anchorage & stabilization

  • Flashing & joint failures

  • Masonry cleaning

  • Water-repellant application

Assessment & Design

Investigation and Design
Assessment Choice #2.jpg
  • Structural condition assessment studies

  • Restoration budget estimates, single or multi-year phasing

  • Restoration cost – benefit analysis

  • Service life-cycle studies

  • Restoration construction documents (plans, details & specifications)

  • Construction administration service

waterproofing & protection

Waterproofing Choice #2.jpg
  • Joint sealants

  • Expansion joint systems

  • Below grade waterproofing & drainage

  • Vehicular and pedestrian membrane systems

  • Cementitious crystalline waterproofing systems

  • Chemical grouting: individual cracks, curtain systems, slab stabilization

  • Water-repellant & corrosion inhibitor applications

  • Primary and secondary containment tank linings

  • Paint & coating failures

  • High performance coating systems

Facility Maintenance & Document Management

Facility Maintenance
  • Develop facility maintenance plans

  • As-built construction document (CD) management

  • Warranty management & inspections

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