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Pierce Engineers specializes in structural designs utilizing concrete, structural steel, wood framing, masonry and cold-formed metal framing systems.

We also design various foundation systems as required for each project site.

Using our familiarity with multiple materials and framing systems, we evaluate multiple systems in schematic design to determine the ideal system considering constructability and cost.


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  • Post tensioned and conventional concrete framing systems

  • Tilt-up concrete structures

  • Shoring and formwork design

Structural Steel 

Structural Steel.png
  • Conventional steel framed structures

  • Conventional steel joists and girders

  • Industrial crane and equipment support

  • Custom steel truss design and detailing

  • Steel component and connection design

  • Specialty steel structures

Structural Steel

Wood Framing

Wood Framed
18_Timber Lofts_CONSTRUCTION PHOTO B-02.jpg
  • Conventional wood framing

  • Mass timber framing, including CLT

  • Heavy timber framing

  • Glued laminated timber framing

Cold formed metal framing systems

Cold Form.png
  • Full engineer of record design

  • Third party component design for suppliers and contractors

  • Traditional system design, detailing and engineering drawing preparation

  • Hybrid system design, detailing and engineering drawing preparation

Cold Form

foundation systems

  • Conventional shallow foundations

  • Monolithic mat foundations

  • Concrete and steel deep foundations

  • Concrete cantilevered retaining walls

  • Tower crane and skip hoist foundations

Foundation Systems

Advanced Design Services

  • Seismic design and retrofit

  • Forensic and Construction-related failure investigations

  • Storm Shelter Design

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Peer reviews

  • Structure deterioration review, investigation, and repair

  • Foundation deterioration review, investigation, and repair

  • Refer to Restoration Services for additional information

Additional Services
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