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2024 Shareholder Announcement

We are excited to announce that PE has added another shareholder this year: Jonathan Sladek.

Jonathan joined PE in 2021 and leads PE’s office in Chicago, where he has built his 24-year career structuring significant and wide-ranging projects. Prior to joining PE, Jonathan was a Vice President at WSP (formerly Halvorson and Partners) and led design teams for a variety of project types – including high-rise, mixed-use, residential, commercial, higher education, civic, renovations, and more. Some key projects while there were Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago, Wolf Point West Tower along the Chicago River, and the Old Chicago Post Office renovation.

With this expertise, his knack for problem-solving and his inherently thoughtful and collaborative approach, Jonathan helps teams bring even the most complex projects to life with structures that are well-integrated, buildable and economical. Jonathan’s focus is making sure PE is the ideal partner for our clients – listening to understand their needs and bringing the right engineers to the project. His greatest professional joy is collaborating with teams to bring great buildings to life.

 “As I have said many times, PE is made up of great people.  I am honored to have Jonathan join our ownership group. He has been instrumental in helping to grow our Chicago office and has assembled an excellent staff. Jonathan's experience and passion for engineering has helped to grow our client base and take projects to new heights across the nation.” - Randy Elliott, President and Managing Principal

We asked Jonathan to share a few thoughts about PE:

What excites you about becoming a shareholder?

Entering the shareholder group is exciting because it confirms that Pierce is dedicated to its staff and the health of the company. Knowing that the leadership team is willing to include more team members makes me confident that Pierce will continue to grow and offer opportunities for everyone who wants to participate, long into the future. I truly appreciate this opportunity and look forward to helping others achieve their goals.

What do you like most about PE?

To me, the best thing about Pierce Engineers is the people and the supportive culture that everyone in the company has created. Our team works hard every day meeting the needs of our clients by collaborating with teammates and finding solutions to never ending opportunities. But we’re also able to step back and enjoy working together which is exactly the kind of place I want to be at and contribute to.

What has been your favorite PE project so far? Why?

It’s been great working on some fun and challenging projects and introducing new clients to Pierce Engineers, but my favorite project has been building our Chicago team. Everyone at Pierce has been extremely supportive and this has made the process enjoyable and extremely successful. We were fortunate to connect with some extraordinary individuals who have now gelled into a strong, fun team. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for PE!


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