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2023 Shareholder Announcement

We are excited to announce that PE has added 3 new shareholders this year: Amanda Huebner, Bob Pine, and Jonathan Hoeltke.

Amanda, PE’s BIM Manager located in our Madison office, has been with PE for 13 years. Amanda started as an intern in 2010 and quickly worked her way up to management. She now leads a team of five technicians and is responsible for the overall drawing standards and drawing production for the entire company. In this role, Amanda serves as an excellent mentor and teacher for her technician group and all incoming engineers. She truly is an expert in her field and has been relentlessly devoted to improving PE drawing standards and delivering quality project drawings on schedule.

Bob, a Project Manager in our Milwaukee Office, has been with PE for 3 years, with 10 years of experience prior to joining PE. Since joining PE, Bob has established himself as a leader within the firm, participating in several internal technical committees and being a foremost source on code-related topics. Bob is a technical expert across many material and construction types and his creative and personal demeanor make him very approachable internally as well as externally for our clients. Some of Bob’s projects include Okana Resort, Rite-Hite Corporate Headquarters, and St. Augustine Preparatory Academy.

Jonathan, a Project Manager in our Madison office, has been with PE for 3 years, with 15 years of prior experience at previous companies. Jonathan, an expert in restoration and adaptative reuse projects, also has extensive experience in traditional new building construction of all types and sizes. Jonathan is extremely diligent in servicing a multitude of clients on very unique and challenging projects. Due to his vast experience in every building type and construction material, he also serves in leadership roles on PE’s internal technical committees and is an excellent mentor and resource for all staff. Some of Jonathan’s projects include Yerkes Observatory, Sauk Prairie High School, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin – Riverview Café and Visitor Center.

The Principals are excited to welcome this very accomplished group of shareholders. This group is passionate about the growth and development of our entire team. Each of them is dedicated to providing the highest quality work while also leading as a mentor and resource to our team. We view this group as fundamental to the growth and advancement of PE.

We asked Amanda, Bob, and Jonathan to share a few of their thoughts about PE:

What excites you about becoming a shareholder?

Amanda: Becoming a shareholder is something that I am truly proud of and honored by. It’s a true testament to PE’s dedication to each and every person’s growth here. Working at a place that rewards one’s hard work and dedication is truly satisfying.

Bob: First and foremost, I am honored and humbled to be given this opportunity. It is always exciting to be individually recognized for your efforts, but what excites me most is knowing that I am part of a growing company that is forward-thinking and set on a path to success. Being a shareholder, I am not only vested in the interest of the global success and progress of the company but more importantly for each of the individuals that comprise it.

Jonathan: Pierce is an exciting company with a multitude of growth opportunities. I am excited to be a part of such a variety of projects with a team of individual experts that allow us to help not only our local community but also others throughout the United States.

What do you like most about PE?

Amanda: The people, the atmosphere, and the immense variety of projects that come thru our doors. Rarely is there a day that I find myself bored or uninterested in the projects or tasks I need to take on that day. Another great thing about PE is everyone’s willingness to help. I don’t come from an engineering background and when I was looking for internships, I wanted to get some more structural experience. I couldn’t have landed at a better spot than PE. Everything I now know I learned from the people here.

Bob: The people and culture. The people here make coming to work each day enjoyable. Most days it is the engaging technical conversations, but sometimes when the tasks at hand aren’t the greatest, knowing that you can rely on your coworkers for technical help or just to brighten your day with some levity really does make PE stand apart.

Jonathan: It is of course the people, but specifically, I like the fact that at Pierce you have the ability to strive toward and achieve the level that you desire in our field and along the way are able to provide expertise to each other as one large team without competing internally. Whether young or near retirement, you have opportunities to share different experiences to enhance each others’ products for our clients.

What has been your favorite PE project so far? Why?

Amanda: Any project that I get to see in real life. It’s one thing to work on all these projects in the virtual realm, but to actually get to see them in construction all the way to completion is very gratifying. I’ve had the opportunity to work on many projects here in Madison, and driving past them every day on my way into the office is just a great way to start my day.

Bob: The Okana Indoor Waterpark and Resort. It is a large-scale, unique, and challenging project with pretty much every building material and construction type. So, it has some areas of familiarity and others that are forcing me to stretch and grow. The best part, however, is the fact that I get the chance to collaborate with and learn from several extremely talented PE staff members from all the offices. I think it has been a very good example of how our current company structure allows us to work fluidly as one large group and not as individual offices, which I believe is a very powerful attribute that I think will help us with continued success.

Jonathan: Yerkes Observatory. This has been a nearly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be directly connected with the client, architect, and contractor to help them not only save such a beautiful building but to help educate them about their facility and work as a team to determine what is best for the sustainability of the non-profit programming.

Join us in congratulating Amanda, Bob, and Jonathan!


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