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2020: Generac Stage

  • Adaptation of existing stage to include addition of wing walls

  • Existing sign analysis to confirm adequacy for an increase in height and a change from open to fully clad sign


2019: Uline Stage Area Modifications

  • Replacement of the existing stage roof and upgrade to the areas immediately adjacent to the stage

  • VIP structure including a small restroom component

  • Guest Services structure with integral “pylon” sign

  • New beer pod

2019: Klements Stage Area

  • New stage structure and complimentary features

2018: US Cellular Stage Area

  • New stage structure with backstage dressing rooms, production office, restrooms and loading docks

  • New free-standing pylon sign

  • New mix tower

2018: North Gate

  • “Swoosh” and integrated canopy

  • Ticketing building

  • Miscellaneous site elements

​2016: Miller Stage Enhancements

  • Addition to VIP Building

  • Backstage Brew House

  • Significant, decorative trusses at stage

  • Beer pods

  • Mix tower

  • Festoon lighting

2011: Summerfest South End Development – Phase II

  • BMO Harris Stage and VIP Lounge

  • Restroom building

2010: Summerfest South End Development – Phase I

  • VIP Building with Deck

  • Briggs Stage building with screen wall

  • South gate entry feature and decorated screen wall


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