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PE Announces Additional Shareholders

Pierce Engineers is excited to announce the addition of 3 new shareholders: Abby Reuter, Eric Dohrmann, and Tom Cowan.

This very accomplished group plays a vital role at PE. “The dedication of this group to consistently deliver high-quality projects, maintain and cultivate clients, and mentor our staff has been phenomenal,” said Randy Elliott, President and Managing Principal of Pierce engineers. “We view this group as fundamental to the growth and advancement of PE. This is an exciting step for our ownership transition program, and we look forward to welcoming additional shareholders in the coming years.”

Abby, a Project Manager in our Madison office, has been with PE for 9 years, with an additional four years at other firms. She has taken several building projects in residential, hospitality, education, retail and commercial markets to completion. She has a strong background in post-tensioned and conventionally reinforced concrete systems, as well as experience with structural steel framed systems, load-bearing masonry, and wood-framed construction. Some of Abby’s projects include The Dean, Rise on Chauncey, The Maxxen, and Rise at Riverfront Crossing.

Eric, a Senior Structural Designer in our Milwaukee office, has been with PE for 17 years. He is skilled in preparing complete structural documents for buildings of various types. Eric is familiar with the structural design of all types of building systems including steel frame, cast-in-place, and precast concrete, masonry, and wood buildings. Some of Eric’s projects include BMO Tower, Waukesha City Hall, Rite Hite Headquarters (2:07 in video), and Hill Farms – State office building.

Tom, a Project Manager in our Milwaukee Office, has been with PE for 18 years. Tom is a leader in wood-framed project design at Pierce Engineers. He is familiar with all components of wood-framed construction to efficiently design structures with the most economical materials while focusing on system constructability and performance. He is skilled in preparing complete structural documents for various project types including retail, residential, senior living, mixed-use, industrial and corporate. He is experienced with the structural design of all types of building systems including steel frame, cast-in-place, and precast concrete, masonry, and wood buildings. Some of Tom’s projects include Vista West, 42 Hundred on the Lake, Echelon Apartments, and the Norwegian Heritage Center.

We asked Abby, Eric, and Tom to share a few of their thoughts about PE:

What excites you about the direction of PE?

Abby: Our growth. When I started, our projects were heavily located in the upper Midwest, and year after year the geographical spread of our projects has been constantly expanding.

Eric: PE is a growing firm in the structural engineering industry as well as other opportunities in the structural consulting realm. One has the chance to delve into the opportunities presented and work with many skilled colleagues who are eager to share their knowledge.

Tom: I’m excited about the continued growth of the company and the expansion of the company by opening offices in other areas of the country.

What excites you about becoming a shareholder?

Abby: I look forward to even more opportunities to develop new and existing relationships with architects, contractors, and developers to continue to open doors for our growth as a company.

Eric: Having worked with PE since the start of my career, it is gratifying to be able to see all of one's hard work come to fruition and PE's recognition of one's diligence.

Tom: The opportunity to be part of a company that puts an emphasis on relationships and advancement of staff. Also to see the fruits of our efforts to expand and add more value to the company.

What do you like most about PE?

Abby: The people. We have a unique combination of knowledgeable, talented, and approachable staff here that makes it incredibly easy to reach out to anybody with questions and either get the answer needed or get direction to who would be able to help get the answer.

Eric: It is a place where you can find creative solutions to engineering and construction procedures and have a wealth of knowledge from other colleagues to collaborate with.

Tom: I very much enjoy working with and mentoring the junior staff. I also enjoy the relationships we have built with many of the clients we work with on a recurring basis.

Join us in congratulating Abby, Eric, and Tom!


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