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Mauston School District

The Mauston School District referendum include funds for a 11,000 square-foot addition and renovations to the Grayside intermediate elementary school, a 14,000 square-foot addition for STEM spaces for the High school and the construction of a 95,000 square-foot new elementary school. The addition to Grayside and the new elementary school are both single story steel framed structures, free of bearing walls to allow for maximum future flexibility. The new Elementary school features a commons space/cafeteria framed with exposed long spanning glulam roof purlins and wood look long span metal deck between the purlins, the clears story windows flaking this space provide ample natural light. The high school addition exterior canted exposed exterior steel columns glass garage doors and a large roof overhang, to create a timeless look. PE worked closely with the architectural team throughout the process to ensure that the new spaces in all the buildings provided sufficient open space, natural light and provide maximum flexibility for the district in the event of future renovations.

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