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Food + Farm Exploration Center

This two-story 50,000 square-foot steel framed structure was built for the Farming for the Future Foundation to fulfill their mission of educating the public about the importance of the agricultural industry and help individuals of all ages experience farming through interactive learning experiences. PE worked closely with the architect, owner and exhibits team to provide a grid spacing with 45’-0” clear spans to allow for maximum flexibility in the exhibit space planning. This exhibit space is located directly below the second-floor flex event space, because of the 45’-0” span and the potential for events that featuring dancing and other rhythmic activities, PE had to carefully study and present recommendations for controlling the potential for human induced floor vibrations. Directly adjacent to the flex event space and over the top of the exhibit space below is an exterior deck which allows for dramatic views of the surrounding farm fields, the framing for the deck was lowered relative to the interior framing to allow for a flush transition between the interior floor and exterior pavers. The roof of the building cantilevers out on all sides with some of the steel framing expressed in the exterior design. To avoid thermal transfer and condensation issues on the interior of the building PE worked closely with the architectural team to develop thermal break details.

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Plover, WI



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