About Us

Providing Solutions with Vision.

We try to keep our philosophy clear and concise at Pierce Engineers.  We support the construction community by providing innovative yet practical structural engineering solutions developed collaboratively, exceeding expectations of a diverse client base.  We accomplish this by attracting, developing and retaining employees who possess technical expertise, personal integrity and a commitment to excellence, ensuring they complement each client and project.  We sustain these concepts by fostering an internal culture valuing ingenuity, strong understanding of construction economics and highly interactive, holistic approaches to clients and projects.

Who is PE?

PE is comprised of engineers and technicians who strive to solve our client’s structural challenges. Providing structural engineering solutions driven by functionality and cost efficiency is an objective that we have successfully met for over two decades.

What is PE’s process?

PE is motivated by new opportunities and the confidence that our clients have in us to help them make their projects a reality. The responsibility of helping to shape a sky line with a structure that will offer longevity and function is inspiring.

Why Choose PE?

PE’s experienced staff will deliver personal and collaborative attention on every project – large or small, simple or complex – using cutting edge technology to produce imaginative and effective results.

PE’s State License Registration

PE maintains a licensed Professional Engineer and/or Structural Engineer in all 50 states.